Facebook Update

Take a look at the image below. This is how the fake email from Facebook, looked like in Gmail. Notice how Gmail warns me that the email is questionable.Β It looks legitimate, right? Well, almost. Notice how “facebook” is all small letters. Also, the text of the email is also not very well formatted.

Besides what you see when you open your email program, there is another way to sort of “look under the hood” if you will. It’s called the messageΒ header view (How to view email header?). The image below is the header view of the fake email above.

My email address is in the “Delivered-To” field.

The “Return-Path” shows acrobaticsk3@roughedge.com. Wait a minute! Isn’t this email from Facebook? Now, do you see how this header view reveals what’s really going on!

Compare that to the header view below of an actual email from Facebook. This is from one of the many notification emails I get from Facebook. You know, the one’s that are sent out when someone writes on the wall or sends us a message or whatever.

See how the “Return-Path” as well as “Received: from” shows something@facebookmail.com! You can further examine this header (yourself :)) by comparing it to other Facebook email headers and see how there is clear evidence that this is a legitimate email from Facebook.

So folks, I hope this has been of help to you. Watch out, ok? πŸ™‚