Lottery Scam

Nearly all the lottery emails are pretty much like the one below. The email address from where it comes, the lottery name, the amount  and all the other details maybe a bit different, but that doesn’t change the fact that these are just scams concocted by scammers just waiting to take advantage of your greed and steal your money!

There isn’t a list of things you need to examine to figure out if the email you recieved is a bait to hook you. Ask yourself one question: Did I enter this lottery/sweepstakes/lotto? OF COURSE NOT!!!

In the email below, I have highlighted a few areas (email being displayed in Gmail).

  • The subject line is long and all CAPS.
  • Email from “Award Information Office” (the actual address in this case is -Why would a lottery firm use a Hotmail account and such a random email address?
  • There is also no “To” in most cases (like this one)
  • The From section looks very questionable
  • The person to get in touch with also looks very questionable and has an AOL and Yahoo email account! 🙂
  • Right at the end, the lotto coordinator (who supposedly sent this email) looks questionable too!

The people behind such schemes are ruthless criminals who prey on innocent (but greedy) people. BUT, one ought to be able to tell that such emails cannot be true even for a moment and should be straightaway deleted!

Sadly, many people fall prey to this and end up losing loads of money!

Please be careful my friends. Be happy with what God has given you and don’t chase after collecting winnings from something you never took part in the first place!!