Western Union

Here is another scam where the criminals are using Western Union to get the attention of unsuspecting victims. Again, the evidence is right there for us to see (only if we open our eyes and look and not be consumed by greed!).

The following email, supposedly from Western Union, congratulates me on my compensation. For what? God knows.

The “From” email address says westernunion@nig.org. Shouldn’t it be @westernunion.com or something like that?

My address was selected from “World Wide Web” site (laughing) through “our Intelligent Network System and.” And what? HA HA..

I love the caution about being scammed by hoodlums. What does that make the person who sent this? 🙂

This is a pretty lame attempt, probably by an amateur scammer, learning the tricks of the trade. But, you know what’s funny? People fall for even this jokers attempt!

Please friends. Watch out. Don’t be greedy.