Archive/Extract (Zip/Unzip) Software

Do you have a lot of files that you need to sent via email, but don’t want to have many attachments in your email? Do you have many files in your system but want to archive it all quickly?

7-Zip is the program for you! Most of you are familiar with WinZip or even WinRAR. These are the programs that I used to use to ZIP and UNZIP our files. Then, Microsoft starting with Windows XP and did us a favor by having a built-in feature to do this (right-click file –> select Send to –> Compressed (zipped) folder)!

Unfortunately, many new archiving formats (ZIP, RAR, TAR etc) exist and the built-in Windows software cannot handle all these file formats.

Install 7-Zip and worry no more! It can handle the zipping and unzipping of all major formats!

Download it here
(.exe format)