Multimedia (Audio/Video) Player

I don’t own a TV at home and thus, used my PC for all my home entertainment needs. Because of this, I end up having audio and video files of various formats and rather than having many programs to play all these files, I’d much rather have one program that can play all of them! Both programs listed here, VLC Player and KMPlayer, do just that and they do it for free!! 🙂

VLC Media Player

Windows Media Player comes built-in with the Windows operating system, but it is not capable of playing DVD’s as well as a majority of audio/video file formats out there. VLC steps in quite nicely and allows you to play nearly all file formats (audio/video) and not only that – allows you to watch DVD’s from any region!! A very nice piece of software to have if you ask me!

Download it here


Like VLC media player, KMPlayer will play nearly all media (audio/video) files out there and also supports many DVD formats.

Download it here