PDF Writer

Want to create a PDF file out of your Word or Excel file or any other software you use, but don’t have Adobe Acrobat Professional installed? Don’t have US$100 to spare to buy the software? No problem! There are free alternatives available!

CutePDF Writer (my pick)

CutePDF is installed as a virtual printer on your PC. When you have finished working on any document, all you have to do is choose to print this file (like you would any other file), but select the CutePDF Writer from the list of printers and click print! The software prompts you to enter a file name for the new PDF file it generates and that’s it!! Neat huh?

Download it here. (Unzip and install both files)


Though I have heard of this software and seen it installed on a few clients, I have never used it myself, but have not heard any bad reports about it. I just wanted to list another option here besides CutePDF, which has been my favorite since I first started using it a few years ago.

Download it here.