Photo Editing Software

Do you take a lot of pictures? Do you have a lot of images on your computer? Are you looking for good software that will allow you to edit these pictures? Resize, Crop, Compress, Change Formats – do whatever you want to your images with the following free software!


Quite a popular option, IrfanView not only allows you to work with individual images in various formats, it also gives you the option to make changes to a large set of images (batch processing) without you having to open each one individually. This saves you tons of time! Here’s a list of the features in case you want to check it out.

Download it here


Paint.NET has become very popular, thanks to the myraid of features it has and the robustness of the program. At times, it has been compared to a stand-in for Adobe Photoshop software, though it does not nearly have all the features that Photoshop has. After all, Photoshop is a commercial expert level tool worth 100’s of $$$.

Download it here

Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

Those of you who are looking for an alternative to Adobe Photoshop should give this software a try. For it’s price (FREE!), I think it deserves a chance!

Download it here