System Optimization, Privacy & Cleaning

Over a period of time, temporary files, broken software links, invalid registry keys and such, tend to accumulate in every system. This can lead to a slowdown in the performance and speed of your PC. When this happens, many think it’s time to get a new PC. The truth is, this is not always the case. In fact, 8 out of 10 times (a number I came up with!), most PC’s out there now is very capable of running for many years (at least 5!), unless of course there’s hardware failures and parts need to be replaced. Most PC’s can be cleaned up/optimized, resulting in them working like new!

While Windows does have Disk Cleanup and Defragmentation software built-in, I still prefer the following 3rd party (free!) software.

CCleaner (my pick)

CCleaner allows you to clear out all the temporary files and deleted files, gives you options to select the programs that run when you start up your computer and clean up the registry (sort of the brain of any Windows OS) as well.In so many cases, I have noticed 20 or more programs in the start-up folder, which makes the PC seem very slow when starting up or during use! So, give CCleaner a try and save some time, money and lessen your frustration! πŸ™‚

Download it here


Files on a computer are stored in chunks or fragments. Over a period of time, fragments end up all over the hard drive (because of new files being created, old files being deleted, applications being installed/uninstalled etc..). As this builds up, the disk head seek time (time needed to seek out information) increases and when it all adds up, a system can really slow down. Defragmentation is the process where by fragments of the same file are brought closer together and the system attempts to bring all the free space to one end of the drive. Defragmentation is good because it reduces the work your hard disk has to do and in the end, system performance is improved.Microsoft Windows has built-in defragmenting software, but it just doesn’t do the job. This is where Defraggler comes to the rescue! It does the job and does it well!

Download it here