I turn 35 in a matter of hours.

Where has the time gone?

I know I’m not that old, but you know what, I am not writing about you or someone else, I am writing about me.

I still remember periods of my early childhood, kindergarten, middle school, high school, college and can’t believe that as I write this post, I am a husband and father to a 17 month old baby boy.

I remember playing with my toys as a little boy, perhaps a bit older than Judah is today.

I remember my kindergarten classes at Indian School Salalah in Oman.

I remember grades 1 through 4, attending the Bathani Balika Madam in my hometown of Harpiad, in Kerala, India.

I remember grade 5 at the boarding school in Pattanakad in Kerala, India. There are a few good memories there, but a lot of bad memories that few souls know about.

I remember bad things done to me. It still hurts. It still makes me angry. No matter, Christ is taking care of that, taking care of me.

I remember grades 6 through 12 at Indian School Salalah.

I remember the geek coming to life.

I remember being made fun of because I was short.

I remember their names, their faces.

I remember relying on comedy to make others laugh while I masked my own pain.

I remember the short few months in Kerala while I waited, wondering whether my application to the University of Houston would go through. It did.

I remember the Bauer College of Business.

I remember the Eta Psi chapter of the Delta Sigma Pi fraternity.

I remember the geek maturing.

I remember my uncle, aunt, cousins and their significant others.

I remember the financial blunders that cost my dad a lot of money.

I remember giving my heart away.

I remember my heart being broken.

I remember many mistakes, I wish I could take them all back.

I remember hurting people, I am sorry.

I remember Christ looking for me and finding me.

I remember how that began to change me.

I remember how that changed everybody else.

I remember how hard it was to leave Houston.

I remember Dubai.

I remember how hard it was to to settle in.

I remember family, friendships, love.

I remember growing in faith and learning to serve Jesus.

I remember stepping up.

I remember falling down.

I remember letting God down.

I remember letting people down.

I remember not being perfect.

I remember saying goodbye.

I remember the few months before Australia.

I remember waiting on God to tell me where I was going to next.

I remember saying farewell and see you soon.

I remember disappointment and heartbreak.

I remember wanting to walk away from Jesus.

I remember Jesus challenging me to return to Him.

I remember disobedience.

I remember despair.

I remember restoration.

I remember healing.

I remember blessing.

I remember dancing with Amanda.

I remember “Will you marry me?”.

I remember “I do”.

I remember the water breaking.

I remember Judah crying.

I remember the sleepless nights.

I remember the countless smiles.

I remember the overwhelming love and grace of God.

I remember that I am a son, a brother, a husband, a father, a friend, a mentor and much more.

I remember my dad, mom, sister, brother and all my family – blood and beyond.

I remember my calling.

I remember that I am a servant of Jesus.

I remember that I am fearless.

I remember that I am not here to be popular.

I remember that I am His evangelist.

I remember that I am to tell it like it is.

I remember that I am here to proclaim Jesus.

I remember that I am to love others like Jesus does, whether or not they love me back.

I remember that I have been given the grace and wisdom to reach out to anyone, anywhere.

I remember that I am a Pastor, ordained by God.

I remember that I am not done yet.

I remember that I cannot quit because God has work for me.

Thank you Lord Jesus, for all this and so much more.

God willing, there are many more to come.

Thank Sri :)Thank Sri 🙂

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