Christian struggling with sin. (ATTENTION Jonny!)

Jonny, you sent me a message using the contact form on my website, but because of a mistake I had made in the Contact form (which I have now corrected),Β I did not get any of your contact details to write you back πŸ™ I am sorry. I do pray you will see this post and write to me again.

I am sorry to hear about what you are going through and though we have never met, we are still one family in the Christ and I count it a privilege to be able to share the burden of any of my brothers or sisters in Christ, no matter who they are and whether or not I know them personally.

I am praying that though I don’t have your contact details to write back to you now, that you will see this message and then leave a comment with your details so that I can contact you directly and make myself available to the Lord to use me to bless you and be an encouragement to you. You can also try to connect with me on Facebook if you like.

You have done the right thing by confessing to the Lord. Please read 2 Corinthians 12. In this chapter, you will see Paul speaking about a thorn in the flesh that he asked the Lord to remove, but the Lord said to Paul that His grace is sufficient for Paul and that His power is made perfect in Paul in his weakness. So, though you have confessed to the Lord and seeking Him and knocking earnestly at His door, the Lord may be using this struggle to strengthen you and increase your faith, trust and dependance on Jesus Christ.

I do pray that you will see this post and thatΒ I will hear from you again!

In the mean time, know that I will be praying for you Jonny.

God bless you!

Thank Sri :)Thank Sri πŸ™‚

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