Did Jesus say that He is God? Where in the Bible does He say so?

Many claim that Jesus never said that He was God. These individuals (many of them haven’t even read the Bible for themselves) insist that Jesus never said that He is God. When Jesus is discussed with people of other faith, they too claim that Jesus never said that He was God.

I have taken just two passages to show that this is not true. In these passages, one can easily see that Jesus makes it very clear to those He is speaking with that He is God.

In both passages, the Jews are ready to stone Him for blasphemy, that is, to make a claim that He is God.

If you belong to those who attack the Bible itself, then here are a few links that I came across on the Internet, that I would like you to read before you get in touch with me.

At the end of the day, the choice to believe that the Bible is true, lies with each individual.

There are plenty of articles and research that has been done (you will find a ton of this on the Creation Ministries Intl website) when it comes to the Bible, Jesus and the Christian faith in general.

To come to the conclusion that the Bible is false, that all the research that says otherwise is a bunch of Christian propaganda with no basis to back it up without investigating for yourself, means that you are biased and have decided that it’s false. No amount of information will be good enough for you.

My prayer is that you will read the Bible, examine the available evidence, all with an open mind and heart, so that you will come to know Jesus!

God bless you all.

Thank Sri :)Thank Sri 🙂

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