end of year thoughts (2010)

One more day and 2010 will be history.

Well history in the sense that the year would have passed, but truth be told, at least for me, it will remain etched in my mind and heart for some time to come.

It has been a difficult year. While moving to Australia was a big step and sort of an adventure, the reality is that it meant leaving family and friends far behind and putting my personal relationship to the test. While friends and family are still ‘near’, though far away in terms of distance, sadly, the relationship did not survive. God in His sovereignty has taken that which was very dear to my heart, away from me. Speaking concerning myself, I know that I have not been the man I ought to be, that He expects me to be and have fallen short of the mark. So, as David declares in Psalm 51, the Lord is proved right when He speaks and justified when He judges. I miss her and wish that the relationship would have survived and gone the distance, but the Lord has other plans. I know He will take care of her and bless her with someone better and far more worthy than I am.

Brisbane has not been easy, but not all bad either. Work has been good. In City Tabernacle Baptist Church, I found a good church home to be a part of. I have met a number of wonderful people there. I took up Latin dancing (which was a secret until now :)) and have enjoyed that and through that, made a few friends. Not having family and my friends around has not been easy and it has been challenging and quite often, the loneliness has gotten to me. Again, the days pass by God’s grace. I have always been someone who enjoys doing stuff with other people, so going solo and doing stuff alone doesn’t appeal to me much. Perhaps this is why these first few months here have been difficult. Not to mention all that has transpired in my personal life has also taken its toll on me.

Well, another year is upon us all. I don’t know what to hope for or expect.

Lately, because of all that has happened, I have not been as close as I ought to be with God. So, I do pray that as 2011 begins, He will draw me near to Him.

I pray that work will continue to go well and that I will get to do more challenging and exciting stuff there.

I look forward to doing more Latin dancing and would also like to learn to play the Guitar. That was supposed to be my goal before I turned 30. I turn 32 in 2011, so needless to say, that plan didn’t work :).

I pray that I will get to cultivate some strong and healthy friendships with at least a few people.

I do hope to find a wonderful woman to spend the rest of my life with. Lord knows that’s a huge desire in my heart.

Let’s see how things turn out.

Thank Sri :)Thank Sri 🙂