USE THE FILTER (watch your mouth young man)!

I am not a Bible scholar, but have read the Scriptures and by God’s grace, have some knowledge of it. At the appropriate time, the Lord has always been kind to direct me to share His Word to those who need to hear it.

But honestly, how many of us actually ever apply our Biblical “knowledge” on a daily basis in practical situations?

When we are “sinned against” on the roads (especially here in Dubai!), we forget the whole “bless those who curse you” bit and I am sure that what flows out of our mouth is anything but a blessing!

Or how about when a loved one says or does something wrong and instead of “love keeps no record of wrongs”, that transgression becomes another weapon we can use against them!

We have all gotten good at “playing” the Christian role. It’s a character that us, the actor/actress, puts on for the show/movie called everyday living. Church is where we rehearse. At work, on the road, at home, in relationships – these are the scenes where we play this role.

Christ has become another schedule to keep. Emphatically we say, “He is our foundation!” yet we live as if our education, our experience, our maturity, our plans, our goals, our dreams – these are the driving forces in our lives and not His ways, His truth, His life and a desire to not just imitate Him, but live Him!

We forget to remember Him. 🙁

We forget to filter our spoken words, thoughts, attitudes and outward actions and responses through Him and His revealed Word and instead, lose another opportunity to get closer to Him.

Thank the Lord He still keeps His arms wide open, ready to receive us no matter how many times we fall in each of these areas.

Brothers and sisters, let’s ask the Lord to help us be more aware of Him so that we will filter our entire life through Him, growing stronger and drawing closer to Him and falling less.

God bless you.

Thank Sri :)Thank Sri 🙂

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