Farewell 2013. Hello 2014!


2013 was eventful for many reasons, but the one that truly stands out is the arrival of our son Judah.


I’m not going to go on and on about him here. Just know this much that to call him a blessing or a gift from God, is an understatement and that no amount of words or eloquence could really describe what he means to us, what he means to me.

Judah, your mother and I, we love you. Have you stretched us? Yes. Have you challenged us? Yes. Have you tested our patience? Yes. Have you tested our sanity? Yes.

Despite all this, your smile, the love we know you have for us, makes everything worthwhile. We are so glad that God sent you here to be with us.

Amanda and I continue to build on our relationship and our marriage. I’d be lying if I said we don’t have fights or arguments, but through it all, God continues to work in us and help us grow to love Him and each other.

I’m grateful that the LORD doesn’t allow me to remain a stubborn fool and continues to teach me to be humble myself and be the husband and father He wants me to be.


Individually and as a family, ever so slowly, we are growing in our relationship with Jesus. While each one of us has a way to go, by God’s grace, we are not where we were a year ago.

Following God’s leading, I took a step of faith and we now have the Jesus Blokes men’s Bible study happening at the Church.

The LORD has also been gracious with our life group and we’re excited at what 2014 has in store for us.

There’s been some conversation about missions and all we can pray is for the LORD to prompt us in the direction He wants us to take and to make the way straight.

Ultimately, we want to serve Jesus and there’s nothing greater than that.


Judah turns 1 this year, which is exciting. Amanda and I have also had conversations about #2, but we’ll leave that to the LORD 🙂

Amanda started working on her first children’s book last year and we pray that it will become a reality this year.

These first few months will be crucial for me as I first need to sort my passport out (which has been a long saga, worthy of a blog post), then I need to apply for a visa (which I’ll need the passport for) and I’ll also need to sort out of my drivers license, which I hope won’t involve too much drama. Would appreciate your prayers regarding these matters.

There’s been changes at work as Business Computing Australia is now GPK and what that will bring about, God alone knows.

I’m also praying that we will get to travel to India as a family, which is all dependent on whether my passport and visa gets sorted out and what our finances look like.

I also have a dream to pursue my entrepreneurial side, but time will tell how that will turn out.

Everything is in the LORD’s hands and we can do nothing (save the few things we have to do) but wait patiently, trusting Him to do what He alone can do.

In 2014, I would like to make a better effort to strengthen family ties and rekindle/invest in my friendships with all my wonderful friends in Australia and all around the world.

So yes, that’s just a quick look at what was and what could be.

Though I don’t know what awaits us and how things will turn out, we have no need to worry or be concerned because we know that the LORD is in control and that we can face each day by faith.

I pray that all of you have a wonderful and blessed 2014 and that you will all have a powerful and life changing encounter with Jesus.

God bless you all.

Thank Sri :)Thank Sri 🙂

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