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This post is about the Brisbane Meetup: Dream. Design. Develop. Deliver. Please check it out if you haven’t heard of it.

If you haven’t already read my previous post about this meetup, I would suggest you do so before proceeding.

I believe in this meetup and I have faith that the idea/concept behind it can work.

It can and will work if those of us who are involved in it understand and agree to play by certain rules.

While the first post centered on the “why” of this meetup, what I hope to address in this post is the “how”.

These are not set in stone and I would love to get your thoughts and feedback on it, especially if you are a member of this meetup.

Where do we start?

The first thing we need to do is meet in person and get to know one another. If you are not keen on doing this or don’t believe in it, then I am sorry to say that this group may not work for you. I understand if you are not able to make it to all the meetings, but you must be willing and prepared to set aside some of your time, if you are to get the most from this group.

When we meet in person, it is imperative that we openly share our strengths and weaknesses and what we bring to the group. This would determine how we would end up functioning as a group. I envision us forming teams within the group, one team focusing on design, another on coding/development, another on testing and still another on marketing and so on. This way, each of us would be working within our strengths and not have to worry about areas where we are weak.

The next step is for us to start sharing our dreams, visions and ideas with one another. This can’t happen unless we are prepared to get comfortable with one another and perhaps let our guard down a little.

What I hope will be the result of this exercise is that we can get an idea of what’s going on in everyone’s minds and perhaps begin to create a rough plan on what we can address first and how to move forward as a group. Some ideas/dreams/visions might be easier to get started on than others. Everyone’s ideas/dreams matter. Because we are a new group, it would be smart for us to start with the easier ideas so that we can get used to working together and dealing with one another.

While each of us bring a uniqueness to the group, be it in our skills, talents or experience, we are all equal in that no one ought to think of themselves better than everyone else.

Humility will take us far. Pride and arrogance will destroy us quickly.

How is it going to work?

To think that we can all work on one project/idea all at once is just silly.

As a group, we would have to decide on the following:

  • what project we are going to start with
  • decide the game plan, that is, everything that needs to be done (result of brainstorming, storyboard etc)
  • slice up the workload for each team
  • decide on deadlines

This is the best way we could function as a diverse group with varied experiences and talents.

As best as possible, we would ensure that certain teams or individuals would not be tasked with more responsibilities/work load than others.

For each project, the whole team would also nominate a project leader to ensure that everything is on track. The project leader could be the owner of the idea, but if not, the project leader would work closely with the owner of the idea so that their vision is actualised in the project.

If any member is unable to contribute for any reason, then that members name would not be associated with the project.

If any member is unwilling to contribute or not ready to work within a team framework, then perhaps, it would be best if such a member reconsidered their involvement in this meetup.

It’s my idea!

This is probably one of the key concerns, especially for those with the ideas.

Will someone steal my idea? Who owns the end product? These are all legitimate questions and need to be addressed early on and answered.

If you have joined this group to not give but only take, including stealing ideas/dreams/visions others have, then trust me, we will find out one way or another and do all we can to ensure that the rest of the community would find out who you are and the kind of person you are. So please, if you are such a person, don’t cause us and yourself grief by joining this group. Think long and hard before you get involved with us.

If you have come up with an idea that the group embraces as a project, you still own the idea. The end product is still yours, however, each member of the group who participated and actively contributed to bring the idea/project to life, must be clearly acknowledged at all times.

We are not governed by laws created by this or any government, but the common laws of decency, respect and a code of honour that far surpasses any man made law.

If you are unwilling to conduct yourselves in such a manner, then this group is not for you.

Show me the money.

Whether the end result is a free or paid product, the owner of the idea must work together with the rest of the group (those involved in the project) to ensure that any revenue earned would be shared with the project members at an acceptable percentage. I believe that the owner of the idea should always get the highest percentage because without the idea, there would be no app and no revenue.

Greed & selfishness has no place in this group. If you are greedy/selfish and unwilling to share what is earned from a group effort (but more than glad to have the group work hard to bring your idea to life), please leave this group now.

I personally cannot and will not tolerate such attitude or behavior.

If we work hard, work together and help each other, everyone wins!


I have briefly addressed what I believe are the core areas governing the actual working of this meetup.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to raise them with me.

As I said earlier, this is not set in stone, but what I believe are good guidelines to follow.

I will continue to revise this post, as and when needed.

Thank you for reading.


Thank Sri :)Thank Sri 🙂

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