I got an email from Gadaffi's wife

Email from Gadaffi's WifeObviously, it’s a fake!

Clearly you can see that my Gmail account has stated that it’s fake! Your email provider may have a different way of warning you!

Point is, you have been warned!

I just wanted to post it so that readers don’t forget that these kind of scams are still alive and well!

Whether it’s a dead dictator’s wife or the widow of a former Nigerian government official or some random person you have never heard of or knew existed, it’s a SCAM people!

Thousands of people have fallen for it and lost a lot of their hard-earned money in the process! So, don’t be greedy! No matter how enticing the offer seems, don’t let your greed, destroy and not to mention, embarrass you!




Thank Sri :)Thank Sri 🙂

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