Merry Christmas

I don’t want to get overly preachy or religious here.

Whether you may or may not know, I am a Christian. I am not the kind who just checks the box on forms or one who was born into a Christian family. I was born into the Hindu faith but chose to follow Jesus when I was around 21. That’s a long story for another day. Since then, the journey has not been easy, but it has been worth it. I am a better man for it and I know God continues to work in and through me.

At Christmas time, most people hear more about Santa Claus, his reindeer, Christmas trees, presents and all this other stuff and very little about Jesus Christ. At least this is how it seems to me because it is easier to commercialise all those things more than Jesus, though sadly, Jesus/the Christian faith has been successfully commercialised to some extent as well.

Jesus is THE reason for Christmas. I find it amusing/sad that there are some who think that Christmas is not about Jesus Christ, the central figure of the Christian faith. There are some who want to enjoy and experience Christmas, but without Jesus. All one needs to do is reflect on the past/tradition or look up Wikipedia (if that’s more your thing) and you will realise that Christmas has always been about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. There’s nothing real about Santa Claus, the reindeer or elves or anything else. Jesus, on the other hand, is a real who person who actually existed, whose virgin birth, incredible life, cruel death by crucifixion and miraculous resurrection changed the course of human history.

Follow this link to read answers to questions revolving around Jesus Christ – While I believe that God created everything as per the Genesis account in the Bible, I choose not to get into arguments about the age of the Earth or any arguments (relating to my faith) that are not edifying or useful in my journey. Nevertheless, I have found a lot of great articles and useful information on this website, pertaining to the Christian faith.

Christians such as myself have constantly experienced ridicule, poorly veiled accusations that we are “religious nuts”, been called foolish and naive to believe fairy tales and accused of not being able to think for ourselves and so on, all because of our faith. This is what we hear from those who are adamant about not believing in God and want to silence everyone else who does. None of them want to get into a meaningful dialogue with Christians like myself, instead, they are more than content to make statements like “I don’t care” or “I don’t want to know” or “You are a bigot” or engage in ferocious arguments by taking Bible verses out of context without ever having read the Bible in it’s entirety. Those who have engaged with me, know that I am nothing like what detractors claim Christians are.

This Christmas, my prayer for you and everyone else is that you will at least learn about Jesus, the true reason for the season. I pray you will learn why so many people around the world celebrate His birth and why this is such a big deal. You may or may not believe in Jesus, but you cannot avoid or deny the fact that Christmas is about Him.

Jesus has changed me/my life and continues to change me/my life for the better.

I pray you’ll get to know Him so that you too can experience the joy, peace, blessings and assurance I experience everyday.

Merry Christmas!

God bless you.

PS – If you want to ask me genuine questions about my relationship with Jesus, I am more than glad to share my thoughts with you.

Thank Sri :)Thank Sri 🙂

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