Content Infringement Complaint by Facebook

Update 2: I have finally received a response from the Windows Phone Store team. Page Manager will be back soon 🙂 (15/6/2013)

Update 1: I have sent a letter to Microsoft asking them whether I can republish Page Manager and am waiting on their reply. (29/5/2013)

If you search for Page Manager in the Windows Phone Store, you will notice that it’s no longer available.

Because of a complaint from Facebook, I had to temporarily remove the app from the Store.

Over 40 developers were asked to do the same because we infringed on Facebook copyrights in one way or another.

In the case of Page Manager, Facebook was unhappy that their logo was used in the app icon. So, I will be redesigning the app logo and submitting an update to the Store, which will make me compliant and no longer a target of the complaint 🙂

To everyone who has downloaded Page Manager and have contacted me since the app disappeared, thank you.

Without you, this app wouldn’t be what it is today.

Page Manager will be back soon, hopefully!

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