Secure your Facebook account.



This afternoon, I got two text messages containing a Facebook password reset code.

Clearly, someone was trying to login to my Facebook account.

It had been a while since I had reviewed my security settings on Facebook and this incident was enough encouragement to not delay any more.

I promptly got on Facebook and made a few changes.

In this post, I have highlighted the few settings I changed and the ones that I recommend other Facebook users also enable.

To get to the security settings, login to your Facebook account and then, select it from the drop down (see image below).

Click on Security on the left and you will see the section below.

I have highlighted the bare minimum settings that I feel you should set.fbsettings02

Edit Login Notifications. I have already enabled both options here.

Call me paranoid but I’d rather get two notifications than none 🙂

Don’t forget to click Save Changes.fbsettings03

Edit Login Approvals. I have already added my phone number here.

The process involves Facebook sending a code to your phone to authenticate it against your account.

Click Save Changes once you’ve completed the process.fbsettings04

I have yet to enable this option but I believe it’s a great concept, so long as you can trust the people you’re going to choose 🙂

You have to pick three, I checked 😉

Click Save Changes once you’ve picked three TRUSTED contacts.fbsettings05

Does this make your Facebook account totally secure?

No, but at least you’ve made it a little bit harder for someone to compromise your account.

Thanks for reading.

Thank Sri :)Thank Sri 🙂

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