SharePoint 2010: Change Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) folder location

If you followed this Technet article (Install and configure RBS (SharePoint Foundation 2010) to configure Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) for a Microsoft SQL Server and would like to know how you can change the folder location, please read on.

In my SharePoint 2010 setup, the content database is named “WSS_Content” (default).

When I initially configured RBS (following the instructions in the link above), the location was on the C drive (C:SHPRBS). Not the best decision I made, but that’s what I did.

Later, because of space issues (no surprise there!), I wanted to switch the location to the D drive and by then, there was a lot of data in the folder.

Rather than re-provisioning the RBS and dealing with that mess, I simply wanted to copy the existing folder to the new drive (D:SHPRBS) and point the database to the new location.

To achieve this, all I had to do was the following:

  1. Copy the current folder (C:SHPRBS) to the D drive.
  2. Run the following SQL command against WSS_Content (content database) using SQL Server Management Studio.
    [box]use [WSS_Content]
    alter database [WSS_Content]
    modify file (name = RBSFilestreamFile, FILENAME = ‘D:SHPRBS’) [/box]
  3. Restart the SharePoint server.

Once the server restarted, I uploaded a test document and was able to confirm that the file had appeared in the new location (D:SHPRBS).

That was it for me! I hope this helps you 🙂

Thanks for reading.

Thank Sri :)Thank Sri 🙂

2 thoughts on “SharePoint 2010: Change Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) folder location”

  1. While SQL Server is running, it wont allow to copy folder. To be more precise, it won’t allow to copy filestream.hdr file.

    • Hey Tamour, sorry for the late reply. SQL Server services has to be stopped to copy that file because if they are running, the file in question will be in use, hence the issue.


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