the battle continues…

Though the day was long yesterday, all that time and effort and heart ache was not in vain.

I did manage to get the solution up and running to a point where I could continue this morning.

Thank God that we were able to postpone the deployment to tomorrow.

Had the whole day today to implement most of the clients requirements, but it’s taken the whole day again and it’s nearing 7pm I am still at work 🙁

Just making backups now and prepping the system so it’s ready to be taken onsite tomorrow morning.

I just pray that everything works the way it should and the client won’t be too unhappy.

I wish I had another week to work on it, but oh well. We don’t always get what we want/like.

I do thank the Lord for giving me the strength and perseverance and clarity of mind (can’t believe I am still thinking straight! :)) to continue and keep going, despite the minimal rest/sleep and the resultant aches/pain in my body.

God is good all the time. It’s me who’s not.

Just had a thought of my dad working hard for so long (he retired this year, 1 year shy of age 70!), tirelessly and faithfully, so that he could earn a living and support himself true, but also so that he could provide for us, his family, and be able to offer us the best education and resources in life and meet all our needs. Thank you Lord for my dad (and my mom). I don’t think anyone could have asked for better parents. God bless you both.

Another 2 hours (or more perhaps) till I can go home and get some rest….

God bless you all…

PS: might see more of these being churned out as the night goes on! 🙂

Thank Sri :)Thank Sri 🙂

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