The value of Christian literature

Pass it on (Author unknown)

When the Lord has given blessing
By a tract or little book
Do not leave it idly lying
In some soon forgotten nook.

there are others to be watered
Lost and Hungry Souls to feed.
Seek to share the grace and blessing
That has reached you in your need.
With its freshness yet upon you
Ere the first glad glow has gone,

Let your heart look up for guidance
That your hand may pass it on.
Then that one from you receiving
Blessing, gaining just like you,
Can then keep the blessing flowing,
And yet pass it on anew.

When the day of light declares it
And you hear the words, β€œWell done”,
O how good to know the Saviour
Saw you care and pass it on.

Thank Sri :)Thank Sri πŸ™‚

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