Till we meet again Azure websites

Don’t get me wrong. Azure Websites is brilliant and it was good experience while I hosted srikanthnair.com on Azure.

Being that my site was running on WordPress, for the past few months, I’ve been gettingย these emails.


When I open one of these, this is what I see.

Database: xxxxxxxxxxx
Tier/Plan: Mercury
Tier size quota: 20 MB
Current database storage allocated: 80.31% (19.69% remaining)

When you create a WordPress website in Azure, the underlying MySQL database resides on ClearDB. You’re given 20MB and that’s all you get with their free tier. You have to pay ClearDB to increase that limit. You get a 1GB database starting at $9.99/m and the price goes up from there (https://www.cleardb.com/store/azure). As much as I would’ve liked to keep the site on Azure, I just don’t have the funds lying around and so, I decided to move the site.

Now, srikanthnair.com is hosted under a WordPress multisite install, the first time I have attempted this method and that too, with one of my main websites!

What’s life if we’re not willing to take chances, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

Truth be told, it not only allows me to see WordPress multisite in action, but if everything runs well to my satisfaction, I wantย to offer this as an affordable hosting service to those who want quality without breaking the bank or getting lost in the technicalities.

I plan to do a follow up post once I’ve had this setup running for a few weeks.

Thanks for reading.



Thank Sri :)Thank Sri ๐Ÿ™‚

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