Where is @PageManagerApp?

Now that the Windows Phone Store team has given me the OK to resubmit the app, many of you have been wondering why it is still missing in the Store.

When Page Manager was taken down, I didn’t stop working on the app or give up on it. Sure, there was a lot of uncertainty about its future, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me.

Many of you who use the app have no doubt experienced buggy behaviour when uploading pictures or updating the status.Β I decided that I would use this time to take a chance and really fix up Page Manager. To ensure this, I recruited some expert help. So, even as I write this post, work is being done on the app so that the end result is a better, smoother and bug free Page Manager.

The coming days/weeks

I am hoping that a Store ready version will be completed in the next few days, which will then be extensively tested and submitted to the Store, providing no errors/issues are discovered during testing.

In order to make this possible, this release will more than likely not have the pin tile feature. As soon as this release is submitted, we will be working on the next update that will have the missing features completed.

At this stage, the newly released Page Manager will have all the features from the version that was taken down.

This is not cool

In the absence of Page Manager, some have jumped on the opportunity to not only create an app to do what Page Manager does, but be disrespectful/shameless enough to give it an identical name as my app!

Some suggested that I should be flattered, considering that the individual(s) behind this app have tried to imitate Page Manager, even to the degree of giving it a similar name.Β Sorry folks, I don’t consider it flattery, rather an opportunistic move to captialise on the popularity of Page Manager and to take advantage it’s temporary absence in the Store.

It makes me upset that this has happened, but I am going to fight back by making Page Manager a better app. Not only that, whoever the individuals behind this app are, they cannot imitate the genuine passion I have for Windows Phone and the fans and the degree of support I have offered and will offer for those who use my app, whether they use my app for free or pay for it.

The Future?

All the features that users have requested, are being actively considered and worked into a roadmap of sorts. Certain features have been prioritised based on your feedback, so those will be the first to appear.

This app is for the users and while I cannot implement every feature, know that I am listening to you and want you to have the best experience.

Thank you for supporting Page Manager and I hope you will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.


Thank Sri :)Thank Sri πŸ™‚

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