Why I'm involved in Movember and why men should take their health seriously.

[box] Introduction[/box]

The majority of men try to be so macho that they will try to prove their machismo every opportunity they can get.

The range of activities that men engage in order to prove their manliness could range anywhere from the utterly harmless to the totally dangerous or imbecilic, depending on how you look at it. What’s even sadder is that there are those who are willing to cheer on such behaviour, making it impossible to tell who is the most terrible between the two!

There was a time when I used to be like that as well and then I grew up and now I know that it’s pretty stupid to try and prove my manliness to anyone.

Unfortunately, this macho attitude has affected (or should I say infected) the way in which men view their health.

Many men are almost proud to admit that they neglect their health and avoid regular check-ups.

These men behave as if caring about their health and being responsible, makes them look weak and a pansy in the eyes of their peers. Men like these are willing to bet their health in order to preserve a certain image. I am sorry but that’s just pure idiocy.

This isn’t the way men should be handling matters concerning their health and well-being.

[box] What is Movember?[/box]

To put it plain and simple: Grow a mustache in November for men’s health.

You start with a clean shaven face and for the entire month of November, grow a mustache and nothing else in terms of facial hair. As this is being done, be vocal about men’s health and raise money that will go into funding men’s health programs.

For the rules, please visit this link:Β http://au.movember.com/get-involved/therules

For a history of Movember (in Australia), please go here:Β http://au.movember.com/about/history

[box] Why am I a part of it?[/box]

I am a husband and a father now. I have a wife who stays at home looking after our son. Both my wife and my son depend on me and honestly, I am not ready to leave this world just yet. I don’t want to let them down and would like to provide for them, to care for them and have the opportunity to love them and spend time with them, as long as I can.

I am also a son, and I love my parents. They took care of me for so long and brought me up well and you know what, I would like to be there for them as they grow older. Whether or not they need me is not the point, what matters is that I am around if they need me.

I am a brother too and I would like to be there for my siblings and as I have already mentioned, enjoy my relationship with my older sister and younger brother, as long as I can.

I am also a friend and I would like to continue building my friendships.

I am also a Christian and I would like to be around as long as I can, so I can serve Jesus and bless others for His sake.

So yes, I have many reasons for wanting to take my health seriously.

I lost two of my uncles to cancer. I don’t want to sit here and go through what if scenarios. All I know is that it hurt (and still hurts). Cancer is a very powerful enemy but it doesn’t have to always win.

I know I have mentioned this in passing but over the years, I have also had my battles with depression. Growing up, I never mentioned “feeling blue” to anyone and would often try to deal with it on my own. In fact, it was only in my later years that I recognised this as depression. These days, it is no longer a struggle because my faith helpsΒ me to quickly deal with things right at the start and I don’t sink anymore. The same cannot be said of many other men who silently suffer and will not come forward to seek help.

Whether it is cancer or mental health issues, I am not saying that ALL men are careless but it just seems to me that the majority of men are.

I am participating in Movember because I want to do whatever I can to encourage other men to take their health seriously and don’t wait till it’s too late.

I know that every man out there can relate to one or more of the reasons I listed above as to why I want to take care of my health and be around as long as I can.

[box] How can you help?[/box]

The first and the best way you can help is by helping yourself!

If you haven’t been to the doctor in a long time (or ever), go make an appointment and get yourself checked out and make sure everything is in order and if it isn’t, do whatever is needed to fix the problem.

After you have done that, please consider donating to Movember. You can donate here, which will be counted as part of my efforts:Β http://mobro.co/srinair

I do hope that you will make some contribution because while the issues that are being tackled by Movember (prostrate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health) may not affect you, you may very well know a man (or men) who have been affected by it or are currently battling it.

Lastly, you can help by spreading the word about Movember and asking others to contribute, but also challenging men you know to take their health seriously.

Together, we can make a difference and change the face of men’s health.

Thank you for reading.

Thank Sri :)Thank Sri πŸ™‚

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