a defining moment…

There comes a time when all you once were, all that has ever happened in your life, all that you have ever said and done, all that you have become, all that you think you are now – EVERYTHING – is right in front of you, staring at you. “WHAT NOW?” is the question?

This is a (not THE) defining moment for me.

My choices are right in front of me – Do I take the easy way out? or Do I take the path less traveled, that few ever tread on?

The easy way out is so alluring. The easy way out is all about me. What I want. What I can do. What I can engage in to have fun here and now. What will bring me comfort, joy and happiness. What I can be satisfied with. What I can find meaning and purpose in (that also fulfills all of the above). “I” am the center of the easy way out.

The path less traveled is NOT all about me. In fact, it has little to do with me and everything to do with Him, the LORD, God Almighty, my Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. It’s all about how He can be served. It’s all about how His love can be shared. It’s all about sharing Him with others. It’s all about wanting lives transformed and souls being saved. It’s all about finding joy, satisfaction, comfort, peace, meaning and purpose in Him. On the path less trodden, it’s all about Jesus Christ.

Father in heaven, the choice is obvious, but You and I both know that it’s not the easiest one to make. Many have turned away when faced with this choice. Lord, let me not turn away from you. I don’t want to make the choice out of my own will or strength or understanding. Instead, may your Spirit, engulf me inside and out in every way, in every area and aspect, so that it no longer becomes a choice I have to make, but my life itself. A life lived In Your service, Revealing Your glory, Sharing Your Word, Proclaiming Your Salvation, Expressing Your Love, Reflecting Your Son, to this fallen world. In Jesus Name I pray.


Thank Sri :)Thank Sri 🙂

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