Adjust your perspective, improve your attitude!

Is the glass half full or half empty?

Our perspective can impact how we handle a situation, which in turn can have an impact on our immediate response, emotional state and overall attitude.

I had to drive to Sydney from Brisbane (roughly 900 km) to drop off my friends car at his friends place, which I did this morning. I then had to catch a train to get back to my in-laws place, which would be a two hour journey. Fortunately, the train station was barely 500 metres away from where I dropped off the car but unfortunately for me, I missed the train I needed to catch by 30 seconds.

I had two choices in terms of my reaction: get upset and beat myself up by wondering why I didn’t walk sooner, lose my peace and possibly be annoyed for the rest of the morning OR laugh it off and remind myself that the LORD is in control and I should just trust Him with this situation, just like I do with everything else.

I chose the latter perspective because not only was it the godly way to go about it, it was also the right way and the wise way because losing my cool and becoming impatient wouldn’t change a thing and only make things worse for myself.

Because I chose to let it go and be patient, relying on the LORD to guard my heart and attitude, I didn’t suffer (nor did anybody else!).

How do you react in situations like this?

Is it worth it to get angry and upset and then feel like garbage afterwards?

Adjust your perspective and your attitude will definitely improve!

God bless you.

Thank Sri :)Thank Sri 🙂

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