Exciting times for Microsoft developers

As I write this post, day 3 of TechEd 2012 has all but ended here at the Gold Coast. While many technologies and service offerings have had their share of the spotlight, a lot of focus has been (understandably) placed on Windows 8, specifically, designing & developing apps for the new OS. Windows 8 will be generally available to consumers in late October.

So, why do I believe that this is an exciting time for developers (such as myself)? Please allow me to set the stage, if you will.

Based on numbers published in July 2012, 630 million Windows 7 licenses have been sold. Yes, this number includes consumers as well as the enterprise space.

Are there people out there who are still running Windows Vista and Windows XP? You and I both know that the answer is YES!

It’s pretty safe to say that there are over a billion Windows users on the planet. Can I prove it? No. Do I care to? No. You just have to accept it as fact.

Now, whether the Windows users out there are running XP, Vista or 7, the reality is that when Windows 8 hits the market, a majority of them, especially in the enterprise environment, are not going to bite the bullet and upgrade. Some will, most won’t.

Let’s say that of the billion users, if 1% were to get Windows 8 (be it through an upgrade or a new purchase), that number would be about 10 million users.

Now, what if you as a Microsoft developer, created a simple yet useful Windows 8 app for the consumer and have it published and available in the Windows 8 store for 99 cents (a steal if you ask me) on launch date?

From the hypothetical 10 million users, if 1% of those users found your app interesting and useful, what are the chances that they would purchase your app? I would say that it’s pretty high! So, that’s 100000 users purchasing your 99 cent app. If you are thinking that your app could get overlooked or whatever, at least for the moment, that should not be a worry because the Windows 8 store will not have more than 2000 apps at launch time. I could be wrong, but this is based on some rough numbers I have heard. Bottom line, don’t let this be a concern.

Ok, so that’s 100000 purchases! Do the math. That’s 70 cents in your pocket (I believe Microsoft will pocket 30 cents, which is what it has been for Windows Phone) for each purchase. 100000 x .70 = $70000! After taxes and everything else, you are easily looking at a figure over $50000! You might opt to offer the app for free with the hopes of making money through marketing. That’s your choice. I personally like the lower priced ad free app better than the ad supported apps.

I don’t care about making millions, but I do know that I have to work hard to make money, so as to put food on the table and pay the bills. But, if I were to sit down and code an app and could potentially end up earning my yearly income in a few months, I’d be excited at the prospect. Wouldn’t you?

Granted, all what I have shared is based on hypothetical numbers. Even if you don’t make $50K, I hope you realise that there’s awesome potential for us developers to do some amazing stuff and earn a living in the process.

Windows 8 is here and irrespective of the complaints and criticisms and everything else you may (or may not) have heard, the reality is that Microsoft has invested a lot of resources into it and won’t let it die! We all have Windows Vista stories but Microsoft pressed on! Microsoft wants Windows 8 to succeed and will do everything they can to make it a reality.

Microsoft has given us everything we need to create masterpieces so to speak. It is up to us to recognise the opportunity and seize it.

Microsoft is a giant and now is the time to stand on the shoulder of this giant to do some incredible things.

So my fellow developers, I encourage you to be bold and take the path less trodden. Start learning. Build apps. Keep it simple but make sure that it adds some value to the consumer. Microsoft can help you get noticed. Your success is their success. Everyone wins!

I truly believe that you will not be disappointed if you take a step of faith.

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