I am married :)

My wife and I :)

On July 7, 2012, I left behind my single life to start a new journey as a married man, as a husband to my wife Amanda.

When people say time flies, I say “No kidding!” 🙂

It seems like only yesterday that I met Amanda at the Smooth Latin Groove (SLG) Salsa dance studio. Amanda of course knew what she was doing. I wasn’t necessarily Fred Astaire, though to my credit, I could move!

For the record, I ended up at SLG because my mate/colleague Jason Gillot had been asking me for a long time to check the place out. Being new to Brisbane at the time and not knowing too many people, I finally decided to go to an open night, thinking I might meet some nice people there. And here we are!

Amanda and I rarely met at SLG while we were learning, but would see each other often at the many social nights that were organized by SLG and other Latin dance studios. These were nights where students who were learning could put their skills to the test by dancing in a social environment.

We would have the occasional dances at these events and as time went, would build a common set of friends.

It was after Christmas in 2010 that we began to hang out with each other more and as time went, that friendship grew.

We have had our challenges as well. For one, Amanda did not know Jesus as I did. But, the Lord was gracious enough to give me opportunities to challenge her with the Gospel and in His own time, He revealed Himself to her.

On Christmas day in 2011, I proposed and she said yes 🙂

It was not easy to pick a wedding date when everyone you know is scattered all around the world. After many discussions with our respective families, we decided on July 7, 2012.

Six months flew by and the big day was here before we knew it.

Through everything, we know that the Lord our God was with us and He helped us in every way to organize everything that needed to be organized.

From getting invitations sorted out online (Amanda’s baby) to getting Gateway Baptist Church as a venue to Amanda’s parents blessing us by taking care of the catering to my parents contributing financially to everyone else offering their help and assistance, we thank our God for everything!

Amanda did nearly everything with regards to getting things organized and I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge that. Thank you my love. Of course, I did not sit back and do nothing, but stepped back so that she had the freedom to do what she wanted, but made sure I was around and available as and when she needed me.

It was hectic but we are glad it is behind us now.

Our new lives together has begun and trusting in the Lord our God, with Jesus leading us individually and collectively, we know that everything will be OK, no matter what issues and struggles may rear it’s ugly head.

Thank you for your love and support everyone. Keep praying for us.

God bless you all.

Thank Sri :)Thank Sri 🙂

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