Give Nokia and Windows Phone a chance!

On most technology websites I visit, I see ordinary everyday people who have very little idea of how a business works, stating their “expert” opinions on Nokia, its sales performance and how it was a stupid decision for them to go with Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS and how Nokia is doomed and Windows Phone has no future.

I admit that I don’t know the inner workings of Nokia. This is true for everyone else (especially those who make statements), unless you work for Nokia and are privileged to this type of information.

Everyone has a right to speculate. But, don’t make your speculation sound like fact people. It just makes you look silly and open for ridicule.

Nokia took a big risk by choosing Windows Phone. I know it. You know it. They know it. Microsoft knows it. Everyone knows it.

So, why don’t you let go of your death grip, let Nokia breathe, let Microsoft breathe, nurture them, support them, and let them grow.

Google Android and Apple iOS as Smartphone OS’es were not the very best when they came out. They went through teething problems for a couple of years before becoming what they are today. It’s like people who criticizes Microsoft & Nokia are suffering from amnesia and can’t seem to recall how Google Android phones and Apple iPhone had hardware issues and OS feature limitations when they came out. Years later and after many updates and product refreshes, these users who were upset at Google and Apple, seem to have forgotten what it was like in the beginning.

I love my Windows Phone and I currently use a first generation Samsung Omnia 7 which is an absolutely beautiful device! I did not run out and get a Windows Phone when it came out because I knew that the initial release was missing a few features and I decided that I should be patient and not bash Microsoft and see what they get up to. Microsoft did not disappoint and when Mango was released, I got excited and chose to believe that Microsoft is serious about Windows Phone. I believe that even though they know that they are far behind Google and Apple and have to play catch up and face ridicule from most of the tech community, they have made up their mind to fight despite the odds and I don’t know about all of you, but I for one love it when the underdog decides to fight instead of quitting!

Yes, there is still a long way to go, but in my opinion, Microsoft has done a brilliant job with Windows Phone!

I admit that based on what we know, it has not been easy for Nokia in the past couple of years. They too have a battle on their hands. I believe they are very aware of this.

Rather than joining the Google Android bandwagon, they decided to go with the underdog Microsoft Windows Phone! Regardless of Stephen Elop’s previous connections with Microsoft, the reality is that Nokia is on board with Windows Phone and everyone has to move on. Whether or not they are still going to bring out new Symbian and MeeGo devices, we as consumers should not overly criticize Nokia and their partnership with Microsoft, rather support them, give them a fighting chance so that they can take the fight to Google (and Android phone manufacturers) and Apple!


It’s simple really. The more competitors are out in the field, the better it is for us as consumers! Innovation ceases when the dominant winner realizes that they have the market in their hands and need not go out of their way to innovate and bring out better products. If on the other hand, every competitor is aware that their market lead is only for the moment, they will not stop innovating and trying to one up their competition! Whether they come up with new ideas or copy each others ideas and make it better, we as consumers win!

Be it Apple, Google or Microsoft, each one of them should be on their toes all the time. We as consumers should not let them rest in their success and stop innovating and competing against one another and for our business!

Nokia has a great track record for awesome hardware devices. Their Lumia range of devices are beautiful and can hold on their own. No doubt, the next generation of these devices will rock even more!

While Windows Phone still has a lot of ground to cover, it is no longer the new kid and has definitely gained my confidence and respect.

My only request to everyone else out there is that you would give Microsoft Windows Phone a chance and when shopping for a new phone, give Nokia and all other Windows Phone device manufactures an honest and serious look because I believe you will all be pleasantly surprised by what you discover!

Don’t buy a Google Android device or an iPhone (or even a Windows Phone) because everyone else has one or because someone said you should.

Go check out the devices out for yourself. To my US readers, I say this: give the Nokia Lumia 900 a test drive. While I myself have not had hands-on experience with the device, from what I hear, it’s an awesome device.

If the Lumia 900 is too big (or not available where you are), give the Lumia 800 a go! If not, there is the Lumia 710. If Nokia is not your cup of tea, check out the Windows Phone offerings from Samsung, HTC or one of the other Windows Phone device makers!

Nokia is still in the transition stage of fully embracing Windows Phone and moving on from their past with Symbian. Windows Phone is relatively new (as opposed to Google Android and Apple iOS) and should be given time to mature.

Give Nokia and Windows Phone an honest chance. You will be pleasantly surprised with both.

Thank Sri :)Thank Sri 🙂

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