How Sinners Come to Christ – Pastor Jim Gables

This is a challenging message by Pastor Jim Gables (Grace Abounding Ministries).

In this series, Pastor Gables shares how a sinner must come to Jesus Christ.

They are long sermons and the audio quality is not excellent, but the message is clear enough.

I pray that you too will be challenged and encouraged, as I was, when I listened to them.

God bless you all!

I do not own the audio or the rights to it, but sharing it here for the benefit of others.

J Gables – HSCTC 01 – Standing Before the Offended One -Jn 6 v37

J Gables – HSCTC 02 – Bowing to the One in Authority – Jn 6 v37

J Gables – HSCTC 03 – Receiving Undeserved Mercy – Ps 95 v4

J Gables – HSCTC 04 – Rejoicing in Sins Forgiven – Ps65 v4

J Gables – HSCTC 05 – Living Under Gods Providence – Ps65 v4

Thank Sri :)Thank Sri 🙂

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