If Wendy Francis is a homophobe, so am I.


It’s unacceptable/politically incorrect to talk negatively about the homosexual agenda (actually homosexual “anything”).

It’s unacceptable/politically incorrect to challenge them when they claim that they too have a right to be recognized as a normal couple.

It’s unacceptable/politically incorrect to challenge them when they argue that they must be given the same rights as a husband and wife.

It’s unacceptable/politically incorrect to challenge them when they make noise about their right to “create” a child and raise one.

I stand by my faith as a Christian and what the Bible says. The Bible, God, DOES NOT tell us Christians to hate homosexuals and despise them and condemn them and treat them like dirt – BUT we are to stand against that which is not the natural order of things.

The natural order for a baby to be born is the coming together of a man and a woman. Just because science can manufacture one in a “facility”, does not mean that it’s acceptable and ok for just any “couple” to have a child. A child is not a pet that you pick up because you feel like having one. A child is the natural result of a man and woman coming together.

People are afraid to stand up for what they know is true because everyone rather be accepted than shunned. Individuals like Wendy Francis are targeted and slammed as homophobes because she is standing up for her faith, her God, my faith, my God.

If speaking up/speaking against the homosexual agenda is unacceptable/politically incorrect, then what about the homosexuals, the atheists and all the other groups that speak against the Christians, disrespect the Bible and treat it like dirt, challenge us, mock our God, mock our ways. HYPOCRITES! You treat us far worse than what you claim is our attitude towards you!

That’s my thought and this is my stand!

Jesus loves the homosexuals and the atheists, it’s just what they practice that He can’t stand.

Neither can I.

Thank Sri :)Thank Sri 🙂

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