Zach Kopplin – Evolution (Science) vs God (Creationism/Intelligent Design)

Michele Bachmann’s Stance on Evolution Demolished by High School Student

I don’t know anything about Michele Bachmann (and I don’t have to). All I know is that she believes in Creationism or intelligent design, which if you don’t know already by now, is the politically correct version of believing in the Bible and God as the Creator of all things.

Apparently, Zack Kopplin,  a high school student from Baton Rouge, La, has set out to take out a certain law (linked to studying/addressing alternative theories to evolution) in Louisiana. Quoting from the Huffington Post article above, “The law, the Louisiana Science Education Act of 2008, encourages attacks on evolution to be taught in Louisiana’s public schools under the banner of critical thinking. This is the only state law of its sort in the country and, as Zack so well points out, Louisiana students interested in science are being done a huge disservice by its very existence.”

Wow Mr. Zack Kopplin!  Are you saying that simply because the law exists, you (and your fellow science students) cannot fully pursue science and study it to your hearts desire?

Anyways, he has gone out and challenged (a poker style challenge at that!) Michele Bachmann because she said this: “there is a controversy among scientists about whether evolution is a fact … hundreds and hundreds of scientists, many of them holding Nobel prizes, believe in intelligent design.”

So, what did our young Zach Kopplin do? Well, he has gone out and gathered the support of  American Association for the Advancement of Science (the largest general science organization in the world), the National Association of Biology Teachers, The Clergy Letter Project (organization of clergy and scientists recognizing that religion and science need not be in conflict) and many other other scientific groups including the American Institute for Biological Sciences, The American Society for Cell Biology, the Society for the Study of Evolution, The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology and The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Even the New Orleans City Council voted unanimously to support the repeal.

But did young Zack Kopplin stop there? No! Of course not, I mean he really is sold out for his cause. A petition he wrote on has over 65000 supports and amazingly, he now has the endorsement of at least 43 Nobel prize winners (in science obviously!).

All this to take out a law that is merely there to consider alternatives to one theory.

Wait? Isn’t that what science is supposed to be? All about addressing various theories and then going out and finding evidence to support those theories?

Granted, Michele Bachmann made a very broad statement without backing it up with facts of her own (which are out there by the way).

So, just because young Zack Kopplin has done all these things to attack a law that challenges science and evolution, does that make him and millions of others like him, right? Just because he has 43 Nobel prize winners on his side, does that make their assertion that evolution is fact and the Biblical model (creationism/intelligent design) just nonsense?

So, if the majority of people, who make a lot of noise and get the support of a bunch of organizations and Nobel prize winners (because clearly, they are superior human beings in every way than average people such as myself), claim that evolution/science has all the answers and that any other possibility is hogwash, then, does that make their claims true and everything and everyone else a liar?

Has science, without a shadow of a doubt, proven evolution to be a fact? Without being a scholar or member of any of the organizations above or even a Nobel prize winner, I can give you that answer. No.

Sure, it has put forth many theories in support of the theory of evolution (with evidence of it as well in many cases), but if you were to ask young Zack Kopplin and his Noble prize winning cronies or any other legitimate scientist “Has evolution been proven without the shadow of a doubt?”, in all honesty and humility, could they answer YES?

This brings me to my question: Can anything perfect come out of something imperfect?

Can any human being, in all honesty and truthfulness, say/claim that they are perfect, without any flaws (physical, emotional, mental, cognitive or otherwise)?

There is not a single human being on Earth who can say that he or she is perfect.

So then, how can Zack Kopplin and millions of scientists around the world say that the theory they hold on to so dearly, the theory of evolution is undeniable fact and that everything else is crap, when it is a theory that imperfect human beings have put forth?

Sure, a science supporter can argue that the Bible has been put together by man and therefore, should face the same scrutiny as the theory of evolution. I agree! Go for your life and challenge it, but that’s exactly my point. If scientists in good conscience cannot state that the theory of evolution is undeniable fact, then they should stop attacking anything or anyone that challenges it with an alternative, no matter how scientific or unscientific that claim may be.

The Biblical account of creation is a direct challenge to the theory of evolution. That God, a divine power, created the universe is a direct challenge to the theory of evolution. So, why is it that Zack Kopplin and all the other science supporters out there so threatened by it?

Isn’t that going against the very nature of science itself?

All of a sudden, just because a theory (God as Creator as stated in the Bible/Creatonism/Intelligent Design) does not suit the minds/thinking of a few people (one Zack Kopplin, 43 Nobel prize winners, 65000 online supporters, 100 organizations or even a million scientists), does that make it OK to eliminate it as a possibility?

Can such a tiny sample of people (using science here)  truly claim to represent the collective thought of all humanity (there are over 6 billion people on Earth!)?

So Zack Kopplin (and the many who are supporting him), bravo for being sensational in your attempt to serve your god (Science) and in doing so, showing us (and the rest of the world), how much of a scientist, you are not!

Because if you were truly a man of science, you would not be threatened by anything that challenges evolution, but welcome it as an opportunity to fight for what you believe in.

In 1 Peter 3:15-16, the Bible says:

But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander.

We as Christians are meant to study the Bible everyday, live according to what God has written in it and above all, to live in hope, by faith in Jesus Christ, whom we have accepted as our personal Lord and Savior. As the verse above states, we are called to be ready to give reason for this hope.

So, why can’t you, Zack Kopplin and all your fellow scientists, like we are called to, always be ready for the hope that you have placed in evolution, rather than trying to shoot us down and insult us and mock us every chance you get (and make a big show of it while you are trying to do it)?

In the end, its up to each individual person to make the choice to believe in evolution or God. Individuals like Zack Kopplin are asserting their views on everyone else as fact. It has almost become a crime to stand up against evolution (I fear it soon will be). To believe in God, the Bible, and the account of creation in it, is unacceptable and not scientific! People like Zack Kopplin is attempting to take the competing theories out in the guise of it standing in their way of true knowledge.

And sadly, the world is falling for it.

God cannot be silenced. God cannot be shut out. He is the LORD ALMIGHTY. His Word will not return empty. The Bible has stood the test of time and faced many challenges from many individuals and organizations. Zack Kopplin is just another one and there is more to come.

May the Lord Jesus have mercy on us all and open the eyes, the minds, the hearts of all those who so vehemently oppose Him. He has already died for you. If you don’t believe in Him or accept Him as Lord and Savior, I am afraid there is nothing else that can save you. Not science, not evolution, not Nobel prize winners. Nothing.
God bless you all.

Thank Sri :)Thank Sri 🙂

10 thoughts on “Zach Kopplin – Evolution (Science) vs God (Creationism/Intelligent Design)”

  1. “Are you saying that simply because the law exists, you (and your fellow science students) cannot fully pursue science and study it to your hearts desire?”

    As you know ID is just creationism in a borrowed lab coat, you should also know that it’s illegal to teach it in US public schools. It really is as simple as that. And that is the prime motivation behind the various efforts (including Kopplin’s) to repeal it.

    Another issue is that it will make careers in science harder to find for Louisiana students (no matter how hard they study) as potential employers will continue to avoid investing in states that cannot educated their children in the basics of biological science.

    The Louisiana law tries to avoid the church/state separation issue by pretending that ID is science, really. but that position has been declared false by every major scientific organisation that has expressed an opinion, not to mention the only time it’s come to trial (Dover, PA).

    You know, I know, and ZK knows that the purpose of the law is to allow religious based challenges to the science of evolution into Louisiana public school classrooms. That’s against the Constitution of the USA – so the law should be repealed.

    • From a legalistic point of view, you are correct.

      My question is this: why is it illegal?

      Careers in anything is hard to find these days, so, to insinuate that the very existance of a law in Louisiana that allows for a religious challenge to be raised against the religion of Evolutionism could hamper science students from gaining employment, is quite frankly, absurd.

      It’s quite sad that imperfect and fallible man has dared to put God in a box, put Him on trial and then declare Him as false.

      Opinions of “major scientific organisations” that Creationism/Intelligent Design is not science is just that, opinions. Besides, I don’t care if you don’t want to call it science. My point is that it should be allowed to stand against any other theory that has not been fully and conclusively proven, such as Evolution.

      • You sir are putting God in a box. You are setting limits on your God by stating what it can and can’t do. There is nothing that contradicts evolution at all and “God did it by magic” explains nothing at all. If it does…answer the challenge to the video i posted.

        • And here I was thinking that this “rareblackatheist” had a challenge for me..disappointing, but I will respond nevertheless.

          First off, I am not a “young earth creationist”. I am a Christian. I believe in God. I believe in the Bible. I have placed my trust and faith in Jesus Christ as He has been revealed in the Bible. So, don’t club all Christians in to such groups.

          On to your supposed challenge.

          Trying to be whatever you were trying to be (smart/clever/funny/sarcastic/I don’t care), you started off by “pretending to agree” with us in that a) evolution is NOT true b) God creating human beings.

          But, here’s a thought. IF you are going to pretend to agree that our God created you and every other human being, shouldn’t you have knowledge and understanding of our God as it is stated in the Bible? Without that knowledge, you cannot even pretend to agree with us because you have no idea what you are agreeing to. Merely “agreeing” with us means nothing. If you want us to take you (and all the so called atheists out there) seriously, you actually have to make the effort to truly know who our God is by reading the Bible. If you don’t, then you pretending to agree with anything we believe in means squat to me or any other Christian you are supposedly trying to compare to childish toilet humor, such as “underpants gnomes”!

          If you even have a trivial understanding of who God is, then you would also “agree” that God is all powerful, all knowing and capable of the most “impossible” of miracles (not magic) – because those (and many other supernatural attributes) is what makes God God!!

          So, if you “agree” that God is all of the above, then would such a God have any issues with turning dust into ANYTHING, let alone the woman in your video?

          Believing in God takes faith. Faith cannot be tested and proven in a test tube and examined under a microscope. That’s like asking someone to show the chemical composition of love.

          It’s funny how you atheists actually practice “faith” in so many aspects of your life without even realizing that you do it.

          This is just my immediate response, but God willing, I will get a chance to put up a post and respond to you in greater detail.

          You have succeeded in one thing though, getting people to look at your video and creating some traffic to it.

          • Did you even bother reading my response to you? Did you even attempt to think about the questions I asked you about whether or not you even understand the concept of who God is and how powerful He is? Clearly not.

            You, just like many others out there, want to know EVERYTHING. Whether you are an atheist or I am a Christian, there are so many things in this world, neither of us will ever fully comprehend – but, that does not stop us from living, does it? There are many things science has yet to explain, but I don’t see you atheists (and so many other groups who attack us Christians about our God) crying about those things and making noise and demanding explanations. You just choose to simply believe that there is a science behind those unexplained matters (which has yet to be uncovered) and that satisfies you. Yet, when it comes to the Biblical creation account and God, you want to know everything. If you don’t have ALL the answers, you automatically make the ignorant assumption that because ALL the information pertaining to God is not available or satisfactory to your limited mind and intellect, therefore you conclude God is not real, making the alternative theory of evolution (which itself has holes), the fact. Brilliant!

            I am certain you won’t read any of this because you have your blinders on. Priot to becoming a follower of Jesus Christ, I did learn about evolution. I am no scholar, but I do follow up on what science has doing with it. While evolution seems and sounds like a plausible theory (only because people such as yourself think “oh yeah, that seems very possible and makes sense to ME”), it has it’s major plot holes as well.

            This is not just about the origin of all things. This world wants to disprove God and the Bible because if it does not, if you and so many millions of people cannot attack us Christians and destroy our faith in Christ and the Bible, even if none of you will ever admit it, in the deepest part of your soul (which by the way you cannot touch or feel or prove exists – unless you believe you don’t have a soul of course), you do wonder – what if they are right and I am wrong to place my faith in science and believe God does not exist?

            I have always wondered this myself – what if I am wrong (about believing in God, the Bible)? (that’s a big IF and I don’t ever dwell on it and it has not caused my faith to erode). You see, if I am wrong, I am wrong. I will live and one day, I will die and that’s that. I did not miss out anything on earth by following the Bible and believing in Jesus Christ. In fact, even if I was wrong in the end, by always faithfully believing in God and following the Bible, I would have lived a much better life than everyone else out there who did not believe and chose to live life by their OWN moral codes.

            Now, if you are wrong, “rareblackatheist”, do you know what’s going to happen to you? What if God is real and the Bible is His Word? What will happen to you when you die and are you truly willing to face the consequences of mocking God and not having any faith in Him? If you want to sound all macho and say you will enjoy hell with the rest of your atheist buddies, sure, be like that. But you and I both know, that won’t be the case and endless suffering awaits. Why don’t you sit back and consider that possibility?

            In the end, I don’t have to convince you that God is real and the Bible is true. It is not my responsibility. But, I do pray that God will open your heart one day and remove the scales from your eyes and your heart and help you see Him and believe.

        • Just rezailed I cut off (or maybe I just forgot to type) my last paragraphs.People of faith see the world that they cherish changing for what they must — given their belief systems — consider the worse. Gay marriage, while none of their business and having nothing to do with the sanctity of their own unions (which, after all, Christianity teaches is between us and God) is still a threat to their comfort. Likewise other issues that seem at variance with their belief systems. These can easily become skewed. Thus, a righteous concern about abortion becomes confused with the concept simply of Right to Life, which can then engender knee-jerk reactions such as we saw with the tragic Terri Schiavo incident.Much of this is fear-based: fear of the unknown, of being forces to change, of finding themselves, ultimately, to be wrong. Combine that with a general ignorance of science in the population at large, and the reasons for a resistance to the idea of evolution become obvious.

          • That the world is changing is to true, but when the changes that are taking place go against God’s Word, the Bible, that’s when Christians such as myself raise our voice.

            Gay marriage is an issue because there is no such thing as a Gay marriage in the Bible – in the Bible, God’s definition of marriage is between a man and a woman. The Bible does not condone homosexuality, just like it does not condone many other things such as worshipping idols, adultery, murder, lying/cheating, coveting etc, which are all against God. Abortion is a sin against God because the Bible tells us that God creates everyone and every life is precious. No matter what the world labels that Biblical truth, again, Christians have to go by what God says in the Bible.

            Science is always trying to find a way to completely remove the Bible, not only from classrooms and universities, but everyday life itself by trying to discredit and disprove it. I cannot speak for every Christian, but I know that I am a college educated (in the US) individiual who was brought up on evolution, so it’s not like I am unaware of these things. Science wants everyone to consider everything that it puts forth, but it has an issue when the Bible has something to say about the issue – be it creation, life and many other topics that the Bible has a clear stand on.

            You may have come across people who have expressed the fears you mentioned, but I can assure you that the only desire of many Christians (such as myself) is that God’s Word is preached, that the world hears the Gospel of Jesus Christ and turn to God and be saved.

            We are called to proclaim God’s Word no matter what and in the process of doing that, the world assumes that we are just fearful and ignorant and cannot/do not understand why the change they are demanding is “for the better” (which is hardly the case).

    • I have posted a brief response to get you thinking. Like I said, I will try to find more time and respond in detail.


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