Windows Phone 7 – The Underdog

I have now been using my Samsung Omnia 7 Windows Phone for nearly 2 months and I love it! Well done Microsoft! For those who are familiar with the old Windows Mobile OS, which more than likely left a bad taste in your mouth, the new Windows Phone OS is just delicious and sweet, like a Mango πŸ˜‰ Seriously though, Windows Phone is an amazing OS and I believe that if you give it a try, you too will be impressed and pleasantly surprised! It’s EXTREMELY FAST, SUPER EASY TO USE and JUST FUN! IT’S BRILLIANT! You can see that I love my Windows Phone, can’t you? πŸ™‚

Now, coming to the purpose of this post. In an article published on October 18th, Steve Ballmer had this to say about Android:

“You don’t need to be a computer scientist to use a Windows Phone. I think you do to use an Android phone….The cheapest phones on the market this season will probably be Android phones, we have to do more work….Apple’s a good competitor, a different kind of competitor.” (entire article can be found here)

This has since been picked up and posted on every tech site out there and I came across this on Neowin and proceeded to comment on the article as everyone was going for Steve’s throat because of the statement he made. I decided that the rather long comment I made would make a good post, so here it is.

As of July 2011, Android device activations were at about 550000 devices per day (as reported by Larry Page in Google’s Q2 earnings call) . Based on my own estimates for the past few months (device activations per day for each month of 2011), I’d say the number of Android devices activated this year would be nearing a 100 million right about now.

The United States has a population of 309 million (

Europe has a best guess population of 731 million (Googled)

India has a population of 1,155,347,700 million (Googled)

China has a population of 1,331,460,000 million (Googled)

The point I am trying to make is that the large number of Android devices being activated everyday can directly be attributed to the fact that affordable Android devices are available to so many people around the World, especially in low income countries like India and China. Android wouldn’t have these numbers if devices were available only in certain parts of the world. One cannot also forget the fact that Android has a free/open source licensing model (does not mean that fees are not involved, but it is more than likely much lower than say WP7 licensing). This makes it very attractive to a large number of device manufacturers.

Even with the iPhone, while the 4 or 4S are not necessarily the most affordable phones, the previous versions of the phones are cheaper, but I am not sure if they are available in the market for low income consumers to purchase. Carrier support is another thing, but again, I don’t have those figures.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Windows Phone 7. There aren’t many WP7 devices out there for the low income consumer.

However, when Nokia and ZTE begin to ship devices to markets like India and China, I believe we will begin to see the numbers change for Windows Phone 7. Between India and China, if Microsoft can pump out some low cost WP7 devices to these markets, I am curious as to what the response there would be.

WP7 may not have the numbers at the moment, but it is a great OS. People complain about how the WP7 hardware is old and outdated and low spec and so on, but the reality is that the OS runs brilliantly on them.

Microsoft has come out with a great mobile OS in WP7. They are late to the game, but that does not mean that the whole endeavor is a failure.

Ballmer need not be making comments like this. He/Microsoft has to just be silent and take all the heat from everyone and just be patient and wait. Meanwhile, focus on marketing and make improvements/updates to the OS. Get the word out. Be innovative. Get more device manufacturers on board. Mudslinging is not very becoming of anyone.

To all the WP7 supporters: don’t retaliate no matter who says what. Spread the word.
To all the WP7 haters: give the WP7 OS time to mature and for more devices to come out.

In the end, time will tell. That’s my take anyway.

If Microsoft continues to focus on improving the Windows Phone OS and adding useful/requested features as well as the performance of the OS, coupled with the upcoming phones from Nokia, there is no telling where WP7 will reach! The only way to go is up Microsoft!

Windows Phone is the underdog and while the majority of people out there may not be giving it much love, there are a few of us out there who are 200% behind the platform!

I am getting ready to create some Windows Phone applications myself!

For those who are considering a new phone, please, give Windows Phone a fair chance! Don’t let someone else make the decision for you!

If you want to hear honest opinions from a normal Windows Phone user, NOT A MICROSOFT/WINDOWS PHONE FANBOY, then ask me and I’d be glad to share my thoughts/experience with you!

Till next time!

Take care!

Thank Sri :)Thank Sri πŸ™‚

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