Life Snapshot – 04/03/2010

It’s time to leave. For now anyway. If the Lord brings me back to Bangalore/India, so be it. His will be done.

Training at IIHT Kamanahalli ends tomorrow (5/3/2010). I will write on this “interesting” center later!

On to Haripad (hometown in Kerala) on the 8th. To Trivandrum on the 11th. Fly out to Oman on the 12th.

I believe the Australian visa is progressing. Got an email from my case officer, wanting more documents/information. Sent it to him today. We’ll see. Dubai is an option too. I thank God for the fact that I at least have options, unlike many others all around the world.

I do miss the relationships I built in Dubai, the people. Not sure if they miss me 🙂 I have been in touch, as much as possible. I could have done/can do more of course. A lesson I am constantly learning, about loving others, like Christ would want me to, would want us to. Got to be less self-centered and more Christ centered. All of us.

My brother is getting settled in Auckland (NZ). He is excited about his masters course, enjoying it from what he shares with me. Family is doing well. I continue to pray for my parents and siblings and the whole family, for their salvation.

The past few months away from Dubai, here in Bangalore, have been trying, yet amazing. The Lord has worked in me, continues to do so. Hope Chapel was good. Finally know some people, made some contacts there. Not every day you get to see an 80 year old woman come to faith and accept Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior 🙂 Praise God that He gave me an opportunity to spend time with her!

The journey continues..

Thank Sri :)Thank Sri 🙂

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