Life Snapshot – 26/5/2010

It’s been a while since I have updated the site…that was like 2 months ago 🙂 Partly, it was because I was busy and partly because I was a bit lazy as well.

Anyways, that’s that.

In my last update, I was still in Bangalore, speaking of Mrs. P Coleman, a sweet old lady who, at the young age of 80, accepted Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior! 🙂 Yeah, that was good. Since then, I had a chance to be in Dubai for a few days as I was making my way to…..Australia!! Yes, the Lord finally brought me here. Been here in brisbane since March 27th!

It’s not been easy settling in, primarily cause I don’t have any close friends here, like I did when I was in Dubai. But, God’s been good, as always, and has helped me to get plugged in with a local Church (Calvary Family Church) here in my suburb (Shailer Park) in Brisbane. I have met some people here after God’s heart (see, I want to say I met good people, but we all know that only God alone is good :)). I have been getting involved in their youth ministry as well as the young adults! My desire is to just serve Him and His people, wherever I am and at the same time, grow in Him and be the man He wants me to be!

Work at BCA has been going well. I have nice work mates and the work environment is not too stressful. There are the busy days and then there are the quiet days. Vast majority of our clients are nice and you will always find a small percentage who may not be all that nice 🙂 Well, I am called to love them anyway and out of love, serve them (which is also part of my job responsibilities)!

It is a bit expensive to live here, especially buying groceries (vegetables to be exact).  Where I stay, there aren’t any apartment blocks, mostly town homes and houses. So, rent can be a bit on the higher end (my opinion anyway). I found that I have to be very purposeful if I have any interest in at least saving a little bit. God willing, despite the monthly expenses that seem to dry up the bank account, I will be able to save a little. Opened up a savings account alongside the normal one and started to set aside money in there immediately. All I can do is cultivate the habit, all of this is from the Lord anyway and I’d rather Him choose what He wants to do with it 🙂

I do miss my family a lot. My mom and dad (in Oman) , my sister (in Dubai) (Shruthi (my niece), Vishu (my nephew)), my brother (he’s in NZ) and my close friends in Dubai and many others spread through out the world. All I can do is keep praying for them and do my best to be in touch with them and love them as best as I can.

Of course, I miss my girl too 🙂 Long distance has not been easy, but by God’s grace,we keep moving forward despite the hurdles and hiccups. Love requires hard work, effort, prayers, hope, patience and faith to make it work!

God willing, will get my Internet sorted out tomorrow! 🙂 House is still pretty empty, but I am making it work 🙂 Few needs and more wants, that’s our problem! Lord help us all.

So yes, that’s where I am at now. Will bring another update shortly…or in another 2 months 🙂

God bless you all!

Thank Sri :)Thank Sri 🙂

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