Life Snapshot – 28/8/2010

Wow, my last update was nearly 2 months ago 🙂 No excuses, just did not bother to update the site. Then again, it’s not like millions are just dying to read what I put up on here anyway 😛

It’s been 5 months now since I have moved to Brisbane. Time sure flies! Seems like only yesterday that I was waiting in Bangalore, contemplating what my future would be and where!

Work has been going well by God’s grace. Started doing some software development (besides my tech support role) so that’s been fun and challenging as well.

Got a used Toyota Camry just a few weeks ago, so getting around is a lot easier now, though truth be told, I don’t do much of that anyway! Usually stay at home during the weekends, except for Church on Sundays and the occasional trip to the supermarket or to get a hair cut. Exciting life I lead here! 🙂

Church has been good, taking steps to become a member at the Tab (no, it’s not a bar, it’s the short name for the City Tabernacle Baptist Church). Getting to know people there, slowly, it’s all good and in God’s time.

I am much more settled in to the life here, though I still miss my family and friends I left behind in Dubai, not to mention my fair lady :P! Making friends have been next to impossible here, but I am praying that in due time, God will bless me with a few.

Overall, I honestly cannot and should not complain. God’s been taking care of me. Life is never the way WE want it to be or would like for it to be, but all that matters is that He is still in control and knows best. So, despite the heaviness of heart because of a few issues (car loan, no family or friends = a bit lonely, etc…), I am looking to Him for comfort and strength. Can’t do it any other way because there is no other way.

I pray that in time, His purpose for me here in Brisbane, will be made clear.

God bless you all.

Thank Sri :)Thank Sri 🙂

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