Looking for a part-time Windows Phone developer

Page Manager was the first app that allowed users to manage their Facebook Pages on their Windows Phone.

Until recently, it was the only app. The Facebook infringement notice changed all that.

When Page Manager went down, imitations cropped up. With my son Judah’s arrival, I had to focus on my family. So, even as I was working on getting the app back in the Store, I looked to a more experienced developer to help me with Page Manager. Why? I haven’t made a ton of money with the app, but I value every user, whether they’re using the paid or free version and am also passionate about the Windows Phone platform, that’s why! I’m grateful for what David did with the app, but due to personal commitments, he had to move on.

Page Manager 3 was the second coming of the app. Many users had left by then, but since it’s return, many more have embraced the app.

Users are always in touch with me about adding new features. Trust me when I say that I have many new features in mind for Page Manager. However, my family commitments (and a few personal commitments) have taken all my time and I’m unable to dedicate the time needed to continue the development on my own.

This is why I’m looking to hire a part-time Windows Phone developer, who can work for me, to help me continue developing Page Manager. If you can also do Windows 8 apps, that would be very good!

The developer I’m looking for

  • is knowledgeable about the MVVM pattern and has worked with MVVM Light and PCL.
  • would have at least one published app in the Store, with a few downloads to it’s name. This not only tells me that this individual has experience creating an app, but also an app that resonates with the users. References though not required, would be very helpful.
  • can spare at least 10 hours a week to work on Page Manager.
  • will regularly keep me posted about his or her progress via email, as well as be available to connect on Skype, when required.
  • is one who takes initiative, not always waiting around to be told what to do.
  • will take personal ownership of the project, not see it merely as a job, but put their heart into it.
  • is passionate about the Windows Phone platform.

If you believe that you are this developer or you know someone who fits the bill, please get in touch with me (sri at srikanthnair dot com).

We can then go over the finer details, including payment. Please understand that I work a full-time job and am raising a family, so, I don’t have a lot of money lying around to burn. If you’re after big money, this opportunity is not for you.

If I see that you are a capable and trustworthy developer, then I’d be more than keen to keep working with you (if you’re up for it) to bring some of my other Windows Phone and Windows 8 app ideas to life.

I don’t want Page Manager to die.

I don’t want to let down the Windows Phone users who chose to give my app/me, a chance.

This is not about money or popularity or ego or any of that petty stuff. The only way I can describe it is that this is about keeping a part of me alive.

If you manage Facebook Pages, but have yet to try Page Manager, get it here. http://snair.me/14Ouw1R

Thanks for reading.

Thank Sri :)Thank Sri 🙂

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